An up-to-date source of new business prospects for commercial credit risk management solution providers:

  • An up-to-date, complete list of unsecured creditors
  • A powerful search engine - select your search criteria and get targeted results
  • On screen results, or download direct to your computer
  • Notifications when information becomes available for new unsecured creditor that matches your search criteria
  • In-depth Business Information & Intelligence reports 


Get access to a dedicated database containing all of the unsecured and unpaid creditors from insolvent UK companies that have recently incurred a financial loss as a direct result of a customer’s insolvency.

Why are details of Unsecured Creditors important?

Unsecured Creditors need specialist risk management solutions to help protect them from future losses.

New business prospects when you need them:

At InfolinkGazette, we add around 120,000 new unsecured creditors every year with losses totalling more than £3 billion.

Drive new business with superior sales prospects:

Reach out to your prospects in their hour of need - after they have suffered an unsecured credit loss.

InfolinkGazette is the only online provider of unsecured creditor lists in the UK.

Get instant access to a database of over 1,000,000 unsecured trade creditors.

We capture data from the liquidators statement of affairs, so you don't have to.

On average, we add over 2,500 new unsecured creditor records every week.

There is never a better time to propose a risk management solution to a new business prospect than in the immediate aftermath of an unsecured credit loss.

A subscription only service, users can:
  • View the most recent unsecured creditor data
  • Search the unsecured creditor database using a host of search parameters including; size of debt, geographic location and many more
  • Download data in .csv file format
  • Save favourite searches
  • Set up email alerts to notify you when a target prospect becomes an unsecured creditor or
  • Get general alerts e.g.: losses over a specific figure or in a particular post code
  • View detailed debtor information for each insolvency
  • Search for an individual debtor and view all the unsecured creditors associated with them
  • View and print additional business information

InfolinkGazette (ILG), a trading style of Connell Data Ltd is a commercial data collection bureau, supplying commercial risk and opportunity data to its clients, together with the tools required to maximise the value of the data. Distribution is primarily through information re-sellers, such as Credit Reference Agencies and Data Aggregators, but also to end users of information in the Credit Insurance, Debt Recovery and Insolvency sectors

ILG started out by collecting, and digitising all the information available on UK and Irish Insolvency appointments, and in particular, the UK unsecured creditors listings, which are used for both risk management purposes and identifying opportunity. More recently, ILG diversified data collection strategy to cover a wider range of commercially available information, all sourced from data that isn't available in a practical digital format, but continued to concentrate on their core customer requirements, providing information suitable for credit risk assessment or prospect targeting

ILG also provide bespoke product development, software solutions and hosting services, for their data customers, including: Case Management Systems; Credit Scoring & Decisioning Systems; APIs and online portals

Our powerful online search facility allows you to select prospects at the right time, immediately after they have suffered an unsecured credit loss.

  • precisely identify the type, location, age and/or size of unsecured creditors you are looking for.
  • View your results on Screen or,
  • download your search results to your computer
  • save your searches and get alerts as soon as information about new unsecured creditors that match your specific criteria is available.

Prospect directly from your download

Use downloaded data to further segment your prospects or,

Load data directly to your CRM

When you need to know a more, additional prospect information is just a click away, you can request reports showing:

  • general company information
  • details of current, or past and present directors
  • company filed accounts
  • details of mortgages and charges

InfolinkGazette allows you to search creditor information by debtor (the company in liquidation):

Simply switch to the View Debtors Screen to search the entire unsecured creditor database by debtor and get lists of all the creditors associated with each debtor

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For further information, please contact or call Kaler on 07973 642 852

At InfolinkGazette, we identify the principal insolvencies and capture the unsecured creditors list

Why are details of Unsecured Creditors important

Unsecured Creditors need superior risk management solutions to help protect them from future losses.

New business prospects when you need them

At InfolinkGazette, we add 120,000 unsecured creditors a year with losses totalling more than £3 billion.

Drive new business with superior sales prospects

There is never a better time to approach a prospect than after an unsecured credit loss.

Press Releases from InfolinkGazette:





Annual Report - 2023

Profit Warnings, HM Courts Filings, and Initial Stage Winding Up Petitions.

New analysis from InfolinkGazette confirms the number of Insolvency notices and Company profit warnings remains high.





Profit Warnings:


Figures released by InfolinkGazette confirm our prediction that company profit warnings would continue to rise in 2023.

In 2022, Profit warnings had already quadrupled, up from 65 in 2021 to 386 in 2022; an increase of over 490%.

As predicted, that number went up by 23.5% over the previous year to a new high of 477 profit warnings in 2023.

Our data confirms there were at least 150 instances of UK companies warning of a Material Uncertainty. 115 of these are stand-alone going concern events which accounted for nearly a third of all profit warnings in 2023.  

127 warnings were instances where a company had revised their guidance, significantly. 30% of profit warnings cited impacted sales and 10% of profit warnings noted inflation and increased costs as the reason for the downturn in expectations. References to energy prices in the warnings tripled when compared to the previous year.

Ben Sims, Managing Director at Tech City Labs, the company behind InfolinkGazette commented:

"We knew 2022 was going to be a difficult year and all the data we have confirms that 2023 has seen things get worse for many businesses. Whilst profit warnings in Q4 2023 (76) were lower than the previous year indicating that things may be starting to level off (Q4 2022: 96), the overall picture suggests that we are still in the middle of a storm”



HMCourts Filings:

Debtor driven filings increased by 37% year on year from 1823 in 2022 to 2494 filings in 2023. Although the number of filings was slightly lower in Q4 2023 than in Q3, the data confirms that there was a 12% increase In Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022.

As expected, for 2023 we saw Notices of Intention to Appoint an Administrator (1136) and Notice of Appointment to appoint an administrator (955) continue to make up the majority of notices filed.

Administration Applications went up by 46% from 155 in 2022 to 226 in 2023 and Company Voluntary Arrangements were up by 53% from 109 in 2022 to 167 in 2023.

The second half of 2022 saw the first occurrence of a Moratorium being filed since the start of 2021 (3 in total). As expected, this has increased to 10 Moratoriums during 2023.



Initial Stage Winding Up Petitions:

InfolinkGazette published figures showing a huge increase in Initial Stage Winding Up petitions in 2023. Up by 87% to 6494 filings in 2023, compared to 3465 filings the previous year.

S. Kaler, Head of Data & Operations at InfolinkGazette commented:

“The increase in Winding up Petitions continues to be driven by HMRC actioned filings. Numbers tripled from 982 petitions in 2022 compared to 2856 petitions brought by HMRC in 2023. Similarly, winding up Petitions not initiated by HMRC went up by 56% from 2483 in 2022 to 3638 in 2023. The picture remains tough for many businesses.” 


InfolinkGazette collates this information and provides it to our clients as soon as it is available, helping our clients stay ahead of potential damage.

You can visit our website: for more information or contact us at:


Rebecca Halifax

Commercial & Operations Director

M: 07939 088 082